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Stamped Asphalt – The Process

Stamped asphalt and StreetPrint technology uses unique and innovative coating and thermoplastic systems for enhancing asphalt surfaces. These systems facilitate innovative street and parking lot design and contribute to more livable communities. The goal is not only achieving visual excellence; but … Continue reading

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Asphalt and StreetBond: A More Eco-Friendly Alternative

With an ever changing world of politics, economy, environmental issues, conservation, going green, not going green, a changing media, news, etc. The concern about the environment and our world is always an issue that brings about discussion and thought. With … Continue reading

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Driveway Impressions Successful Demo Showcase!

Saturday, August 7th marked our first demo showcase for Driveway Impressions, and it was a successful one. Attendees arrived at 11:00am and got an opportunity to enjoy some food while seeing this unique StreetPrint process of stamping along with the coating. Attendees … Continue reading

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Stamped Asphalt – What’s It All About?

Stamped asphalt is a decorative option that allows regular asphalt to be transformed into authentic looking brick, stone, or slate. Stamped asphalt by Integrated Paving Concepts can be seen at Time Square Plaza, NYC, plazas in Taiwan, and other major … Continue reading

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How Important Is a Driveway Anyways?

Your driveway is the world’s first impression of your home. When visitors drive up to your home and begin to park, they are looking down at your driveway the entire way. These articles I think make good points. How Important … Continue reading

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Stamped Asphalt Demo Showcase

Driveway Impressions is having a free demo showcase for stamped asphalt. This is going to be a great opportunity to see this unique process first hand. Attendees will be able to see the stamping and coating of a driveway in … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to our blog! We the Driveway Dr. are here to talk about asphalt, stamped asphalt, and your driveway most of all. We specialize in stamped asphalt, and we do it well. If you have questions or concerns about your … Continue reading

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