What About Weeds?

Summer is here! Time to take out the beach gear, take off the pool covers and enjoy the sun. But its not all fun and games when it comes to your home and outdoor space when summer rolls around. So lets take out the lawn mower, gardening tools, and weed removers. Weeds and unwanted plants are a regular occurrence when Spring and Summer comes around. It can become unsightly and unruly when left untreated. One of the hardest places to get rid of vegetative growth/weeds is in between brick pavers; whether it be the sidewalk, driveway, or patio. Homeowners usually have to spray these areas with weed removers several times a summer because they keep coming back. Here is a great article from House Logic that describes the most common weeds found on your property, a natural way of removing them, and also a chemical way.Driveway Impressions Decorative Stamped Asphalt


One of the great perks of having a Driveway Impressions StreetPrint decorative asphalt driveway is that it is a continuous surface, unlike brick pavers. The protective surfacing system, or coatings, does not support organic materials, so the weed growth seen with hand laid products is not a problem on a stamped asphalt driveway. Can’t get any better!

About mydrivewaydr

Driveway Impressions is a decorative asphalt company. We do stamped asphalt and we do it well.
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