Asphalt and StreetBond: A More Eco-Friendly Alternative

With an ever changing world of politics, economy, environmental issues, conservation, going green, not going green, a changing media, news, etc. The concern about the environment and our world is always an issue that brings about discussion and thought.

With miles and miles of new roads being constructed around the country, lets learn a little more about asphalt. Asphalt is a very popular option when considering a driveway makeover and is the material used to pave roads and highways. However did you know asphalt is the United State’s most recycled material; and that’s saying a lot. It’s not glass, plastic, paper, or aluminum; but asphalt. Of course its not as eco friendly as if you just had all grass, but if you have a driveway already this can be a good option. According to the Federal Highway Administration, 80% of the asphalt pavement that’s removed each year during road projects is recycled and reused.

 Coatings and stamped asphalt using StreetBond also takes this to an even greater level. It incorporates specialized characteristics that reduce Urban Heat Island Effect. This is accomplished by minimizing the amount of solar energy that is absorbed by pavement surfaces and especially asphalt. “Reducing Heat Island Effect helps minimize urban impact on microclimate through the use of hardscape material with high solar reflectance (Integrated Paving).” Heat Island Effect “describes built up areas that are hotter than nearby rural areas. The annual mean air temperature of a city with 1 million people or more can be 1.8–5.4°F (1–3°C) warmer than its surroundings (EPA).”


Pavement surfaces are a leading cause of Urban Heat Island Effect. It contributes about 30-40% of the urban footprint. By reducing Heat Island Effect, it lowers energy consumption and can potentially cut air conditioning bills up to 33%. With cooler pavements it also means safer and more comfortable pavements as well. StreetBond also contributes to LEED® credits to sustainable construction projects and is an ideal and affordable solution for green hardscape design.

In addition, all StreetBond coatings are water based and nontoxic. It bonds physically and chemically to the asphalt. There is no fear of run off or toxic chemicals.

Asphalt, is a driveway option worth considering.

-My Driveway Dr. – Driveway Impressions: Distinctive Driveways for Distinctive Homes


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Driveway Impressions is a decorative asphalt company. We do stamped asphalt and we do it well.
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  1. Ecklespaving says:

    Glad I stumbled on your site

  2. I watch a video about this just on youtube it looks like a great idea.

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