About Driveway Impressions

Driveway Impressions is a decorative pavement company that specializes in stamped asphalt. We are able to transform regular asphalt into beautiful looking designs of all styles and colors. Your asphalt driveway can have the look of authentic brick, stone, or slate, but with more benefits and less cost. We use a unique heating, stamping, and coating process that allows you to have the flexibility of asphalt with the strength of cement. We handle all the preparation necessary to achieve that remarkable look.

We are sponsoring this blog to help you with any pavement, driveway, walkway, or hardscape questions you may have, or want to learn about. We have been on HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” for 3 seasons, as well as CBS’s “The Early Show”. Driveway Impressions is truly the most functional, practical, and economical decorative option on the market today. We like to think we’re the subject matter experts when it comes to your driveway…and we would love to share what we know.

If you would like to learn more about us, our product, and where you can see it, check out our video Driveway Impressions “Our Story”

Watch a short video on how decorative stamped asphalt is done

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Driveway Impressions – Distinctive Driveways for Distinctive Homes

2 Responses to About Driveway Impressions

  1. John says:

    I’m the proud owner of a stamped asphalt driveway and I absolutely love it. My problem is that it is now seven years old and is really starting to show its age. The previous owners used studded tires and left some pretty nasty marks. Is there any product that I can apply to rejuvenate the color or give it the wet look. I called the company that did the original driveway and they want 4000.00 to reseal it and I find that to be very expensive given the fact that they told me I could repave it for less! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. John

  2. mydrivewaydr says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you for the comment. I’m glad you are enjoying your decorative stamped driveway. With our stamped asphalt work, we only use the StreetPrint/StreetBond process when installing stamped asphalt. These are all proprietary products so we do not resell them. After installation we always provide our customers with a “Touch-Up-Kit” in case small mishaps occur, you are able to touch those areas up yourself.

    However, there maybe some steps you can take to help in your situation. With the StreetPrint/StreetBond process you are able to power wash your driveway. We recommend doing this on the lowest setting possible. This will help remove the dirt and debris that may accumulate over the years or throughout the Winter. Depending on the type of “marks” and stains that were left, we recommend customers use Simple Green or Zep for our driveways. These are simple cleaners that can usually be found in your local hardware store, CVS, etc. Follow the instructions in terms of the dilution and sit time. Then pour it on the marked/stained area, brush it with a soft brush (not metal), and rinse it off. As long as the mark/stain has not been sitting there for a long time, this sould remove the stain. You may want to test this out on a small area first, maybe in the back or corner first to see if it works. Again, these are recommendation we give our customers who have our products installed. If the installer that installed your driveway used another product, these tips may not be appropriate; so its best to double check. Unfortunately, there are no products we know of that you can put to give it the “wet look”; but we find the driveway looks better with age and natural wearing. Hope this provided some help John!


    My Driveway Dr

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