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Video Contest

Thank you to all those that entered the Driveway Impressions’ “So You Think You’re Awesome” Video Contest! We had a blast watching all your videos, and appreciate your patience during our first ever video contest. It is very possible that we will be holding another video contest in the near future, and we hope you will join us for that as well!

And now what you have all been waiting for….the winners for the Driveway Impressions’ Video Contest are:

Jon C. – “Paper Asylum”

Bryan F. – “Girls Like”

Steven L. – “Saving Money”

We will be contacting you soon

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4/18: We are reaching the final stages of judging! We will be asking some “Entrants” to record a short segment to the end of your video. This is to prove authenticity and originality. Entrants will be asked to record himself/herself saying a specific phrase, to make sure videos were not taken/copied, and actually belong to the Entrant.

Thank you to all those who have entered the Driveway Impressions “So You Think You’re Awesome” Video Contest. The responses and videos have been great. We are currently reviewing, judging, and posting all videos that have been submitted up to the deadline time. Results will be available in the upcoming weeks and will be posted on this page!

Until then Check out some of the contest entries!

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Driveway Impressions Video Contest

Contest Schedule: Tuesday, February 1, 2011 to Friday, April 1, 2011

Click For Official Rules

Visit Driveway Impressions to learn more about us.

Email for any questions.

Prizes for Grabs:

1st:       $1,000

2nd:      $500

3rd:       $250

Winners may even be asked to create more videos while getting Paid!

Rules for the video contest:
Create a video that is unique, engaging, entertaining, funny, and wows
Video must not be longer than 1 minute
In one of the four corners of the video, display the Driveway Impressions logo
No profanity or vulgar language may be used in the submission
No nudity or sexually explicit content may be used in the submission
No illegal activities may be depicted or described in the submission
No harming of animals or any living thing – real or depicted – in the submission
You may submit up to 10 videos!
*Any failure to abide to rules may result in disqualification of your video
Please send video to, and put the exact phrase“(Driveway Impressions Video Contest)” at the end of your video title.
Also send email containing:
Date of birth
Email address
Mailing address
*Videos submitted to us will be posted on Youtube by us.
*For larger files that cannot be sent via email. We suggest using services such as
You may upload files up to 500MB, there is no membership required. It will provide you with a link and you may send the link to along with the other information.
Here is our logo:

Driveway Impressions Logo

Driveway Impressions Logo (Large Version)

20 Responses to Video Contest!

  1. Spencer Mueller says:

    so this video can be anything at all? Do you guys put the logo in for me or where would I get the logo to put it in there?

    • mydrivewaydr says:

      Hi Spencer, Thanks for the interest. The video can be about anything you think will be engaging, entertaining and unique. We are looking for something that people haven’t seen before that will target a new niche. Winners may even be asked to make more videos while getting paid! The logo will be added by the maker of the video; I have provided a logo in the details. I look forward to seeing your video!

  2. Michael Kurnett says:

    Is it ok if the video is slightly longer than one minute? Also, can you submit more than one video? If so, can you win a prize for more than one video?

  3. John says:

    The rules say no music, do sound effects count?

  4. John says:

    Alright one more question, i’m 17 so if i make the video is it alright if my dad does all the legal stuff and puts everything in his name? Or does he have to help with the video some and then he can choose the title of the “entrant”? thanks

  5. Chris Durr says:

    Hey, I have a couple submissions for you…I was wondering if you could offer a larger resolution logo for our endtitles, so it won’t look nasty if I wanted to make it fill the screen in a 720×1280 res movie.


    • mydrivewaydr says:

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the comment! I just added a larger version of our logo that should work better for you. If you have any problems submitting the video via email (like if its to large) , let me know and we can use a different method. Thanks, and we look forward to your videos!

      • Chris Durr says:

        Yes, I just finished a final edit/export and attempted to send it to your email, but it exceeds the maximum for attached files. Also, my second submission will more than likely have the same issue.
        This first one is 125.2MB…have any suggestions for an alternative means of delivery?

    • mydrivewaydr says:

      Hi Chris,

      For the larger files can you use Megaupload ( It is free and does not require an account. Simply upload the file (up to 500MB). It will give you a link to the file and you can send that link to me along with your name and other information. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks Chris and we look forward to your video!

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  7. Evan says:

    Hi there, I am a film student trying to keep the creativity flowing, is there any chance current submissions are viewable to the general public for inspiration? There is just such a wide range of possibilities.

  8. Spencer Mueller says:

    When and how do we find out the winner?

    • mydrivewaydr says:

      Hello Spencer,
      When all videos are reviewed and judged results will be posted here on our blog. There are still videos that are being uploaded as we speak, that were submitted up to the deadline. Results of the video contest should be determined and posted in a couple of weeks. Until then, you can stay updated on all the videos being submitted by checking out our Youtube page!

  9. Spencer Mueller says:

    if you didn’t receive a message does that mean we lost?

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