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Mr. Arlington and Arlington Realty, Inc. Features Driveway Impressions

Driveway Impressions was recently featured by Mr. Arlington and Arlington Realty, Inc. They discussed Driveway Impressions presence in the community and “unique knack for making asphalt look spectacular.” Aaron Seekford, or “Mr. Arlington”, earned this title thanks to his local upbringing … Continue reading

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What About Weeds?

Summer is here! Time to take out the beach gear, take off the pool covers and enjoy the sun. But its not all fun and games when it comes to your home and outdoor space when summer rolls around. So … Continue reading

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10,700 Visitors & Creative Driveway Ideas

Thank you all for visiting My Driveway Dr. We are proud to say that My Driveway Dr. has hit 10,700+ visits since we started less then a year ago! It has been a great ride, and we strive to continue … Continue reading

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Asphalt & Concrete: Breakdown On Maintenance and Care

Asphalt and concrete are the traditional (and most common) choices for homeowners’ driveways. Asphalt and concrete are both functional, and less costly than brick or stone pavers (practicality and function ability depending on where you live and the climate conditions … Continue reading

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Driveway Impressions’ “So You Think You’re Awesome” Video Contest!

Driveway Impressions “So You Think You’re Awesome” Video Contest Driveway Impressions Franchising LLC is holding an online video contest for all those 18+, to find the most creative, unique, entertaining, engaging, and awesome video you can imagine and create! Our … Continue reading

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Live-Demo Show Coming To Your Town!

Driveway Impressions will be holding their 3rd and 4th Free Live-Demo Showcase in Bergen County NJ, and Balitmore MD, on October 30 and November 6!  DI has been seen on “Curb Appeal” on HGTV for 3 seasons, and our product is used in … Continue reading

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Stamped Asphalt – What’s It All About?

Stamped asphalt is a decorative option that allows regular asphalt to be transformed into authentic looking brick, stone, or slate. Stamped asphalt by Integrated Paving Concepts can be seen at Time Square Plaza, NYC, plazas in Taiwan, and other major … Continue reading

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