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10,700 Visitors & Creative Driveway Ideas

Thank you all for visiting My Driveway Dr. We are proud to say that My Driveway Dr. has hit 10,700+ visits since we started less then a year ago! It has been a great ride, and we strive to continue … Continue reading

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Can You Spot The Difference…?

Having a decorative driveway looks great; and any homeowner that has one can tell you how much it has improved the look of their home. Before, real brick and stone were the only ways to go…even with all the costs, … Continue reading

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How Much Maintenance… Is Too Much Maintenance? Brick Pavers, Stamped Concrete, Stamped Asphalt (Driveway Impressions)

With all the other things we deal with concerning our homes and families, any maintenance needed can be too much maintenance… especially for something like a driveway. Even though we love the remarkable curb appeal a decorative driveway gives, we … Continue reading

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About How Much Does a Stamped Asphalt Driveway Cost?

Price and cost is a large determinate for anyone when deciding which product or service to go with in any project; especially for home improvement projects. So you may be wondering, “Stamped asphalt looks amazing, and the added benefits are … Continue reading

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Baltimore Home Building and Remodeling Show!

Join Driveway Impressions at this years Home Building and Remodeling Show at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore MD “Welcome to the Home Building and Remodeling Show presented at the beautiful Baltimore Convention Center located in the heart of the … Continue reading

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Driveway Impressions – “Our Story”

Driveway Impressions has a history just as durable as our products. Check out our new video, “Our Story” and learn a little more about Driveway Impressions, the StreetPrint product, and all the unique and diverse places you can find this … Continue reading

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Baltimore MD Live Demo Showcase 11/06/10…

On Saturday, November 6, 2010 Driveway Impressions held its last Live Demo Showcase of the the 2010 season. This was a unique  demo show featuring designs and patterns not yet shown at a demo show before. This included a main … Continue reading

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