Happy 2012!

Driveway Impressions Happy New Year 2012

HAPPY 2012! All of us at My Driveway Dr. and Driveway Impressions would like to wish all our readers a Happy New Year. May everyday be better than the last! This year has been a time of great growth for My Driveway Dr. We received our yearly summary of our blog activity and would like to share it with you all. After all, you are the reason why we do what we do. So here are some Stats!

This year 2011, My Driveway Dr. was viewed about 13,000 times! According to WordPress…if we were a concert at the Sydney Opera House, we would have 5 sold-out shows!

In 2011, we uploaded 87 pictures! That’s about 2 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was on April 1st, with 150 views in a single day! This is when we launched our first ever video contest, “So You Think You’re Awesome” Video Contest! You can check out the winners and other entries on our Youtube page.

The majority of our readers are from The United States, Canada, and Australia.

And lastly, some of our most read posts of 2011 were:

1. About How Much Does A Stamped Asphalt Driveway Costs?

2. Stamped Asphalt – What’s It All About?

3. How Much Maintenance…Is Too Much Maintenance?

4. 10,700 Visitors & Creative Driveway Ideas

Thank you for continued support! We will strive to make this year better than the last!

Driveway Impressions stamped asphalt-My Driveway Dr – Driveway Impressions: Distinctive Driveways for Distinctive Homes

About mydrivewaydr

Driveway Impressions is a decorative asphalt company. We do stamped asphalt and we do it well.
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  1. myasphaltdr says:

    Great Job! Keep up the good work!

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