How Much Maintenance… Is Too Much Maintenance? Brick Pavers, Stamped Concrete, Stamped Asphalt (Driveway Impressions)

With all the other things we deal with concerning our homes and families, any maintenance needed can be too much maintenance… especially for something like a driveway. Even though we love the remarkable curb appeal a decorative driveway gives, we don’t want to be spending year after year sustaining/maintaining it. So here is a short and concise breakdown of some of the possible maintenance needed for various decorative driveway options. Also, look for future posts for additional comparisons.

Brick pavers:

Brick Pavers
Brick Pavers: Potential Wear & Tear

-Susceptible to snow ploy damage, and

shifting of bricks

-Weed growth

-Poses trip hazard when bricks shift

-Labor intensive removal

-Difficult to prepare substrate under area to be repaired

-Maintenance and repairs often leading to replacement of much larger areas

Brick Pavers Weed Growth

Brick Pavers: Weed Growth

-Costly and slow maintenance and repair process

Stamped concrete:

-May crack at expansion joints due to rigid nature

-Damages due to salt and de-icing chemicals

-Possible fading and discoloration

-Surface sealer may glaze or become opaque over time

-Poses trip hazard when cracked

-Not effectively repairable

-Often requires complete replacement

Damaged stamped concrete

Possible Stamped Concrete Damage: Photo by: Sullivan's Corner

Stamped Asphalt (Driveway Impressions):

-Never needs sealing ever again

-Resistant to snow plow damage

-Solid surface prevents weed growth

-No trip hazards

-Stain and chemical resistant

-Resistant to salts and de-icing chemicals

Stamped Asphalt

Stamped Asphalt

-Perfect color matching

-Seamless, inexpensive and fast repairs

-My Driveway Dr – Driveway Impressions: Distinctive Driveways for Distinctive Homes

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Driveway Impressions is a decorative asphalt company. We do stamped asphalt and we do it well.
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