Driveway Impressions’ “So You Think You’re Awesome” Video Contest!

Driveway Impressions “So You Think You’re Awesome” Video Contest

Driveway Impressions Franchising LLC is holding an online video contest for all those 18+, to find the most creative, unique, entertaining, engaging, and awesome video you can imagine and create! Our Video Contest Page

Driveway Impressions Video Contest

Driveway Impressions "So You Think You're Awesome" Video Contest

Contest Schedule: Tuesday, February 1, 2011 to Friday, April 1, 2011

Click For Official Rules

Check out some contest entries!

Think of the most outgoing 1 minute or less, video that will catch and engage the attention of the internet world, and just simply make people laugh, inspire, or stop and stare. The video subject and direction is completely up to you! This is NOT a commercial for Driveway Impressions; however, if you can somehow incorporate us, or My Driveway Dr…Great! But you won’t get special treatment. The direction of your video is really in your hands…So Get Filming! Videos submitted to us will be posted on our Youtube page. Create an awesome video with a Distinctive Theme or Niche that really hasn’t been done before.

Driveway Impressions has also been featured on HGTV’s Curb Appeal for three seasons, and CBS’s The Early Show.

Visit Driveway Impressions to learn more about us.

Email for any questions.

Prizes for Grabs:

1st:       $1,000

2nd:      $500

3rd:       $250

Winners may even be asked to create more videos while getting Paid!

You may submit up to 10 videos!

Here is our logo:

Driveway Impressions Logo

Driveway Impressions Logo (Large Version)

Driveway Impressions Logo (Large Version)


About mydrivewaydr

Driveway Impressions is a decorative asphalt company. We do stamped asphalt and we do it well.
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